First Appointment:

This is a consultation appointment that may take up to an hour. We will be discussing styles and fabrics and you should choose to go ahead, we will set up a  work order at this time. I will take a few measurements and determine the best size for you. I will also decide which alterations are required to give you the best possible fit.

A 50% of the final cost of the bra or corset will be required when you place your order, with the balance due when you pick your finished garment. Cash or cheques only for deposit and for the final payment will be made by cash only.

 Second Appointment:

 This is your first fitting appointment, it takes about 30 minutes.  At this time I will check for fit and comfort. If there are still a few issues, another fitting appointment will be made.

Third Appointment:

 This will be your final fitting and you may go home with your custom fitted bra. Due to special needs, you may require extra fittings. This is quite normal and all fittings are included in the service. It's my goal as a custom bra maker to send my client home with the best fit possible.


 During this process I will make a unique pattern for you and use that pattern for your next order, which you can make by phone. But, after one year it will be important to come back, because the fit should be checked before making another bra. The consultation fee will be waived for the repeat customer.