Bra-Making Classes

  1. Full Band Bra (Beginners Class) (2 days)- If you can put in a sleeve and sew an accurate 1/4" seam you can do this class. In this two day class, you will sew up one basic white bra with or without wire. You will receive a bra pattern drafted to your proper size, a copy of sewing instructions and a kit to make one bra (or two depending upon your size).

  2. Partial Band Underwire Bra (1 days) - To take this class, you must have already taken the full band bra class. In this class you will start learning ways to modify and change the look of the full band bra. You will make a  basic white underwire bra. Do not forget to bring your pattern from the full band bra class.

  1. T-Shirt Bra (Foam Cups) (1 day) - Everyone wants a seamless foam cup bra that is practically invisible under clothing. Once you know the tricks, it is easy to make. You must have taken the full band class in order to attend this class. Do not forget to bring your pattern from the full band class.

  2. Clone or Copy Your Favourite Bra (2 day) If your favourite bra has been discontinued, as a professional bra maker I can clone or copy your favourite bra and design a custom made bra that's better than the original. You must have taken the full band class in order to attend this class.

  3. Fashion Corsets (2 days kit not included)You will make a real Victorian corset in this two day class. We use the Pin-Up Girls freedom corset pattern designed by Beverly Johnson for this class. We will teach you all the tricks to make this surprisingly comfortable garment. You will build a double layer classic white victorian corset.You may leave with a complete corset, depending on your sewing ability.  For this class a corset kit must be purchased from GK Custom Made Bras.

  4. Panty Class (1 day) - In this one day class, you will receive a pattern, a kit including fabric and elastic for a basic panty. You will learn all of the construction techniques for making a basic panty. What better companion for your new bra than matching custom made panty?

*** To take any class you need some sewing skills. You will need to sign up at least two weeks before the class. We retain the right to cancel or reschedule the class. Please call to inquire about the scheduling of the classes and prices. Your space in the class will confirmed upon receipt of your 50% deposit. ***

Please Note:

Students are required to bring a sewing machine that will do straight stitch, zig-zag stitch and in good working order with manual. Sewing machine is also available at GK Custom Made Bras. please bring sharp scissor, rotary cutter, trimming scissor, paper scissor, sharp pins and fast-fade marker.  All classes require a 1/4" foot and an edge stitching foot would be beneficial. We would appreciate at least one week notice if you are unable to attend the class. There is not refund for cancellation received less than seven days prior to the class.