My cup size is H or J do you have these size?

We make bras from scratch according to your measurements which we take at the first appointment.

My breasts are two different size, can you make the bra for me to look less noticeable?

Yes, we can make a custom bra which fits on both sides and looks same size.

How long will it take to have a custom bra made?

A custom made bra may take up to 14 hours to create from initial measuring, pattern drafting and construction to the finished product.

How long should a bra last?

A bra should last about a year depending on care and how many other bras you wear.

How should I care for my bra?

 Hand wash and hang to dry is the best. Use a gentle cleaner made for fine washables, like Eucalan or True Clean. A pinch of baby shampoo will work too, however, laundry detergents are too hard on the fine fabrics and elastics used in bras.

Do not use bleach, your bra will turn yellow and bleach will kill the stretch fibres.

My favourite bra has been dicountinued! what do I do?

If your favourite bra discountinued and you like to have more made just like it, I am fully qualified to copy or clone that bra and duplicate it, often without taking the original bra apart.

Can I  learn to make my own bra?

Yes, if you know how to sew and would like to make your own bra, why don't you book a private or semi-private class. We supply all fabrics, accessories and we customize the pattern to fits your body.